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selected articles


Wi-Fi for the Masses

   Inc.  July 2006
A business profile of Tropos Networks, which aims to bring wireless internet to urban citizens, anywhere they want it.

Notes From the Identity Underground

   May 2006
A reported narrative about cops, criminals and identity theft.


   Salon   December 2005
This is a personal essay about being a mentor to two teenage girls. (Information about various mentorship programs can be found here.)

The Damage Detectives

   November 2005
A reported narrative that looks at the specialized work of "disaster reconnaissance" teams after Hurricane Katrina.

House of Cards, Bridge of Steel

   SF Gate  March 2005
A series in four parts, this reporting asks whether San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge could withstand terrorist attacks and what can be done to make it more secure. Part One looks at risk assessment; part two, structural measures that might strengthen the bridge; part three, operational approaches to protecting the span; and part four, whether doing nothing at all to further defend the bridge is a viable option.

Dollar Signs: Out of Joint

   Tango  Feb. 2005
This regular column in Tango magazine explores how couples, friends, and relatives handle money matters. Tango is a new publication out of New York about relationships.

The Ultimate On-the-Fly Network

   Wired  Dec. 2003
On Great Duck Island, a bunch of Berkeley engineers and a biologist are installing a discreet, environmentally appropriate communications network inside the tiny nests of secretive birds known as Storm Petrels. This article explains the "mesh" technology they use and how it's likely to affect ornithology in ways that, according to the one scientist, will be comparable to the introduction of binoculars.

Immortal Code

   Wired  Feb. 2003
This story traces the life of some ground-breaking speech recognition software code -- from the minds of its brilliant inventors, through the boom and bust of the 90s, to its final corporate home.


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